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Al Roker Reviews Office Exercise Equipment


Portable desk exercise bikes and walking desk treadmills reviewed in this video by Natalie Morales, Al Roker, and Joy Bauer.

Whats hot in health segment covers biking at your desk for the multi-tasking office worker.

The first is the Bike Desk. The one by LifeSpan is a good machine and further reviewed here.

The second bike desk shown in the segment by Joy Bauer is the Fit Desk. Here is a Desk Bike by Stel'Air that will fold away or set up for working while pedalling.

deskcycle schools

If you are more interested in the fit student initiatives in your area here is a copy of our recent newsletter that you can download.

As Al Roker points out that when kids are allowed to move at their desks they have better concentration. Working at a pace that is slow and steady you won't get winded and still get your work done.

Watching the DeskCycle demonstration you will notice how Al has no problem pedalling his legs and keeping his chair in place. People often wonder if they will push their chair away but if you pedal in a down motion you shouldn't have any trouble at all.

Of all the office fitness machines demonstrated in the clip, the most versatile and what we find is most popular is the DeskCycle. The second is the Stel'Air Folding Bike Desk and it is available here.

When you are outfitting your office or school with active learning or office fitness equipment there may be different types and styles to choose from.  Everything from mini pedal desk exercisers to very large and expensive desk treadmills.  To be assured you are getting the best quality you can count on The Inside Trainer Inc. Guarantee.


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