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Stel'Air Student Standing Desk Cycle with Seat JL-394

  • $497.99


Made specifically for student standing desks.

The new adaptation of standing desks in the classroom have some kids standing too long. With the option of having a seated pedaller made for the standing desk now allows for standing, sitting, and pedalling options all at one standing desk. 

Another quiet pedalling option by Stel’Air Products. The quiet operation of the balanced flywheel ensures there are no noise interruptions in the classroom.

Adjustable tension provides 8 levels of magnetic resistance using a double axle, 2 belt driving.

The Seated Under Desk Cycle is made to sit on and pedal while working or participating in other classroom activities. The height of the seat is adjustable and will fit young adults from 4’9” to 6’2”. 

The 2 way adjustable seat gives additional comfort.

Suitable for users up to 120 kgs (265 lbs)

Portable and lightweight, it folds away for easy storage but can still stand up to normal daily use.

The seat is comfortable and fairly broad to accommodate various sizes of users. There is no back or handles to restrict movement.

There are exercise bands that come with each bike. These are optional and do provide a nice upper body fitness accessory to help with fidgety needs.

The type of table this bike will be best suited is the stand-sit adjustable style desk or at a counter.

The bike folds to take up less space and has wheels on the back legs for easy portability.

The pedals are comfortable with velcro straps for tightening to the foot.

The bike is easy to get on and off and the legs are stable.

The LCD display is easy to ready with several points of data that displays speed, time, and distance.

Some assembly required.

*Individual use only. This item was not intended or designed for multi-users.


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