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Magnetic Exercise Stair Climber/Stepper Machine JB-465

  • $699.99


Stel'Air Magnetic Exercise Stair Climber/Stepper Machine

This popular stair climbing machine can provide a great workout. Because the height difference for each step can be as much as 20" or as little as you want. Use this quality machine for a climber, or a stepper, or both. Climbing really burns calories while targeting and tightening the glutes.

No Electricity Needed

The Magnetic Stair Climber/Stepper Machine JB-465 is quiet as the resistance is provided by the magnetic flywheel. Set this up anyplace in the house and start climbing without disturbing anyone.

The floorspace required is very small so it can easily be set up in the corner of the bedroom or beside the sofa so you can workout and watch your favorite TV shows.

Set the resistance levels to suit your needs. A light workout to burn fat and tone, or a heavy workout to super charge your cardio, lift up those glutes, and really get in an after-burn for all day revved up metabolism.

The LCD display will provide all the information you need to set and meet your fitness goals.

Adjustable Resistance Levels

The lowest levels will provide a comfortable calorie-burning, cardio exercise. Crank up the resistance and drive your legs into a fat melting mode. Build the leg muscles for a sleek and sexy look.

The device shelf on the display is a great place for your Tablet. Get your work done while you exercise, send emails, texts, or have fun listening to music or watch your favorite shows and videos while you step and climb.

HIIT Your JB-465 Fitness

Magnetic Stair Climber/Stepper Machine JB-465 helps anyone HITT their fitness goals by targeting more muscles that burn the calories and trim the fat off those trouble zones.

The benefits of a workout on the Magnetic Stair Climber/Stepper Machine JB-465 are to the heart, weight loss, look and feel great.

Pulse Rate Monitor

Measure how fast your pulse rate is to target fat-burning zones. The two convenient pulse sensors will activate automatically after just 6 seconds of palm touch. No awkward chest strap or expensive heart rate watch needed.

Stel'Air Stair Climber/Stepper Machine JB-465 Benefits

  • 20" Vertical Climb provides more calorie burning than a regular stepper. Climbers will target more muscles than treadmills.
  • Low impact because your feet stay on the foot pads without striking the ground. This basically eliminates the jarring experienced by runners.
  • Easy to use and fun to get in rhythm with your music.
  • Oversized Foot Pedals comfort for all users.
  • 8 Magnetic Resistance Levels for building endurance and strength.
  • Quiet to operate in the home. This means you can be exercising and not interrupt the rest of the family while they are watching TV or sleeping.
  • Fits in a small space of 25" W x 42" L x 61" H
  • Display Functions measure the time, count the steps, calories, pulse rate, calculates distance and provides running totals. This will help you to meet all your fitness goals.
  • Ergonomically Shaped Handlebars for comfortable workouts. Add more resistance and feel your legs and butt start to trim and firm. Each step works the core, back, abs, thighs, calf, and glutes.
  • Individual use only. This item was not intended or designed for multiple-users.

Stel'Air Magnetic Stair Climber/Stepper Machine JB-465 Specifications

  • Balanced flywheel: Provides a steady and smooth stepping and climbing experience.
  • Oversized foot pedals: This will accommodate several foot positions to target trouble spots.
  • Steel Constructed Frame: Built to last
  • Transport wheels: Front mounted for easy movement whenever you want to move your Magnetic Stair Climber/Stepper Machine JB-465 to a different location.
  • Levelling feet: The end caps can be rotated to adjust to minor floor imperfections to level the machine.
  • User weight max capacity: 260 lbs
  • Compact design footprint: 42" L x 25" W x 61" H
  • Magnetic resistance: 8 resistance levels
  • Pulse rate monitor: measure pulse rate for target fat-burning zones and maximize cardio activity

Rev up Metabolism

Extra additions and uses for the mini stepper include:

Add calorie burning power of the mini stepper by wearing this Stel'Air Weighted Vest - add a weighted vest to your workout and increase the intensity, calories burned, and increase the speed of burning fat.

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