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Mini Twister Stepper TS-365

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Stel'Air Portable Mini Twister Stepper

The Stel'Air mini twister stepper is designed for home, office, or travel. Use while watching TV, talking on the phone, or in your hotel room at night. Never miss another workout!

Winter months is a difficult time to try and get to the gym. The weather outside won't matter if you have a mini twister stepper nearby. Rain, sleet, hail or snow will no longer block your way to fitness.

Having a mini twister stepper means you have quick access to cardio and toning equipment that can firm up your legs and butt. The cardiovascular activity will improve the digestion and heart as well as burn off calories for weight loss.


Because the mini twister stepper is small it is easy to store out of the way until you are ready to work up a great muscle toning, calorie burning sweat! Low-impact exercise machine that can deliver high-intensity workouts.

Mini Twister Stepper for WEIGHT LOSS

A person who weights 150 lbs can burn over 400 calories in just one hour using this mini stepper. The built-in digital monitor will keep track of time and steps so you can set and meet your calorie burning goals.

People strapped for time can use the Stel'Air mini twister stepper for just a few minutes at a time. Used intermittently throughout the day adds up the calories burned. Try it yourself and watch what happens.

Using the Stel'Air mini twister stepper daily will improve the metabolism, tone up the legs and butt, and burn calories. It is a wonderful tool for any fitness and weight loss goal.


The non-skid rubber feet and easy portability of the Stel'Air mini stepper means you can fit in a quick butt firming exercise anytime.  With the additional twisting motion you engage more muscles for targeted leg and butt toning.


Take to work and keep it under the desk to pull out and use during long phone calls. No one will know you are stepping away on this quiet low-impact machine.


All calorie burning efforts will add up. A few minutes here and there will make a noticeable difference.

Simply use the mini twister stepper to mimic a stair climbing activity without having to leave the comfort of your office or living room. The oil filled resistance cylinders provide the resistance that results in a rhythmic stepping motion.



Mini Twister Stepper Features and Benefits

  • Moves up and down in a seesaw action like stair climbing with added side movement so you engage more muscles.
  • Versatile for home, travel, or office
  • Great for Cardiovascular activity
  • Tone muscles in legs and butt
  • 4-function display to help reach fitness goals
  • Oil cylinders provide resistance for quiet operation



  • 2pcs Oil cylinder.
  • Seesaw with side to side movement.
  • Size: 43 X 34 X 21CM
  • Weight: 6/7 kgs
  • Max user weight: 220lbs
  • Individual use only. This item was not intended or designed for multiple-users.



Stel'Air Portable Mini Twister Stepper Accessories

Extra additions and uses for the mini stepper include:

Resistance Bands - available as a full package here. 

Stand up desk conversion kit - if you have a stepper and want to be able to work while you step then converting your desk to a stand up desk is optimum. Adjustable height desks allow you to work standing or seated.




Mini Stepper Exercise Video

This video is just a small sampling of all the exercises a person can do with their mini stepper. In the video she also demonstrates using hand weights with the stepper. Weights are sold separately. 

Adding a weighted vest will also add calorie burning intensity to your workouts and leave your hands free.




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