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6 lb Aerobic Weighted Body Bar FW-1086

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Stel'Air Aerobic Weighted Body Bar

Unique 2 piece aerobic weighted bar designed for more uses so you get more results.

Versatile with the ability to be used as one bar or two. Great for strength training, cardio, core development and for all types of functional training.

Take this travelling with you on the road, to the office, at the gym, or in your home. Use for yoga, dumbbell exercise and barbell exercise. Excellent for individual or group exercise programmes.

 6lb for total bar weight. Each end weighting half so you also have full use of 3lb smaller dumbbell styles.

The bars are wrapped in a thick, foam, padding and the full length of the weighted body bar is 100cm all adding up to comfortable performance.

Toss these into your desk drawer and add to your office exercise calorie burning activities.

Yoga Accessories Aerobic Weighted Bar for Core and Strength Training

The aerobic body bar was made popular as a strength tool in many Yoga classes. Now you can have your very own, travel friendly, body bars. Easily fit into a travel case or slip under the couch when not in use.

More versatile than any other style, the Stel'Air Aerobic Weighted Body Bar 2 piece series for exercises. For your upper body you can do such exercises as arm curls and overhead press. For your legs and butt do squats, lunges, or a total body snatch, clean and jerk.

Body Sculpting

Tone the arms and legs with targeted muscle definition for long sleek muscles. Total body slimming can result with using many body bar exercise techniques.

Fat burning performance using muscle sculpting isometric movement with interval training. The split design of the Stel'Air Aerobic Weighted Body Bar allows for intense energy burst and slow deep stretching for body reshaping.

Experience the high calorie burning and the firmer muscle tone from using the unique split design.

COMMON USES - the Stel'Air Aerobic Weighted Body Bar has been used for yoga workouts, martial arts strength and drills, kickboxing routine to enhance performance, and Pilates classes.

Used in group or individual workouts for yoga, Pilates, aerobics, and physiotherapy. Build your endurance and improve balance and core strength.



Stel'Air Aerobic Weighted Body Bar Features

Just grab and go. Versatile full body workout equipment used for all forms of exercise including stability, core, upper, and lower body strength and calorie burning fitness.

  • Most popular and versatile aerobic weighted body bar design
  • Use for full size bar or half bar for greater exercise performance
  • Ideal for abdominal development and total body functional training.
  • 2 piece design for multi-use, grab 'n go design
  • Total bar weights: 6lb at 100cm long
  • Thick foam cover for durability, comfort and secure grip
  • Easily disassembled and reassembled, perfect for travel.

Because the aerobic body bar can be divided into two separate pieces, the available weights actual equal to 2 weights and multiple uses. In addition to the usual strength training and calorie burning, the Stel'Air Aerobic Weighted Body Bar can also provide a tool for balance and alignment exercises.



The Stel'Air Aerobic Weighted Body Bar two piece design can be used as one full length weighted aerobics bar or separated into two for a lighter weight or independent arm exercises.

  • Total bar weight: 6lb (Yellow)
  • Length 100cm
  • comfortable and versatile
  • Even weight distribution across the bar
  • Unique split design for two in one performance and function
  • Easily dissemble for independent use or travel
  • Durable
  • Individual use only. This item was not intended or designed for multi-users.



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