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Ergonomic Handles for Magnetic Pedalers UH-857

  • $67.00
  • Save $22


These hand grips place your hands in a more natural position when using the MagneTrainer to exercise your upper body.

Note! If you plan to switch between the ergo handles and other pedals, we highly suggest purchasing the Quick-Connects. Otherwise you will likely wear out the threads on the pedal arms.

  • Ergonomic design places your hands in a more natural position
  • Great for physical therapy and when using the Medical Pedaller as an arm bike
  • Smooth forward and in reverse rotation; Each handle contains two high-quality sealed bearings
  • Standard 9/16 threads fit many brands of exercise bikes
  • Sturdy construction; built to last; Comes with a full one year manufacturers warranty

These handles place your hands in a more natural position. Excellent for physical therapy.

The Ergonomic Hand Pedals are designed to provide a smooth upper body workout with ergonomically designed comfort. Each handle is made from sturdy steel and contains two high quality sealed bearings to insure smooth motion and a very long life.

The price is for a full set of 2 handles.

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