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Larger Pedals (RH-687) for Stel'Air Medical Pedaller

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Stel'Air Magnetic Exercise Bikes Larger Pedals

  • Larger foot base for comfortable easy pedalling.
  • Made to fit the Stel'Air Magnetic Medical Exercise Pedaller AH-628
  • Adjustable Velcro straps. 
  • The pedals are smooth and quiet with high-quality ball bearings.
  • Full 1 year manufacturers warranty.  *Stripped threads caused by improper assembly or pedalling while loose is not covered by warranty.

The wider surface of the pedals are made of non-slip finely ridged surface. The platform is comfortable when using your Stel'Air Magnetic Pedaller as a leg exerciser. The velcro pedal straps are easy to adjust. These are recommended only when the Magnetic Mini Pedlars are used for leg exercises. If you are planning to use the portable pedal exercisers for arm and leg exercises then it is recommended to either keep the original pedals (made for both hands and feet), or to also purchase the ergonomic hand pedals for use during arm and shoulder exercises.

IMPORTANT! If you do decide to purchase both the Large Pedals and the Ergonomic Handles, it is recommended to also buy the quick-connects. These will ensure easy and quick ability to switch back and forth. Otherwise you may chance stripping the threads if you continuously screw and unscrew the accessories.

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