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Accessible Recumbent Pedal Exerciser and Hand Cycle Combination - The Total Body Cycle JL-897

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Total Body Cycle

A fully versatile Recumbent Pedal Exerciser and Hand Cycle Combination

Versatile - Use as:

Recumbent Bike
Arm Pedal Machine
Hand Pedal Exerciser
Lay on Floor and Pedal

The crank height is micro adjustable from 27.5 to 124cm
Use sitting up straight or in a recumbent position
Smooth and quiet adjustable magnetic resistance
LCD ergometer display with 6 functions

Not only does this unique combination recumbent pedal exerciser and hand pedal exerciser allow you a full body workout - it also enables you to work your body in a completely new way.  By lying on the floor you can get a really great ab workout while taking the pressure off your spine as you pedal.  

You can come up with your own fitness workouts with this Total Body Cycle.

Adjusting the Crank Unit

The height is micro adjustable and has carry wheels so you can set it up wherever you like and it can easily accommodate different heights.

Work your arms at shoulder level or chest height.  Just set it where you want it.  

The crank also makes this unit easily accessible for people with mobility concerns.  Excellent for rehabilitation needs.

Hand Cycle and Recumbent Pedal Exerciser

Comfortable and smooth operation.  The magnetic resistance is quiet and will allow for greater resistance settings than the friction style.

With 8 levels of resistance you can easily adjust it just by turning the large knob.  Easy for even arthritic hands to manage.

The display will show you the time laps of your workout, the speed you are going, accumulated distance travelled to figure out calories burned.  The scan feature can be set to automatically scan through all the functions.

The crank unit will adjust in height and you can set the pedals on the ground all the way up to shoulder level.

Comes with two tethers to keep your wheeled chair from rolling away.  The foot has broad, flat non slip areas for your feet to use while standing.

Made for Wheelchair Access

Because the Total Body Cycle is a recumbent pedal exerciser and hand cycle made to support multiple settings and positions.  You can effectively work both legs and arms at different heights and angles.  Including using it comfortably as a mini recumbent bike. 

Total Body Cycle Hand Pedal Exerciser and Recumbent Bike Combination Unit

  • Net Weight: 31.5 kgs
  • Sports total body exercise bike
  • Functions: standing cycle, table cycle, recumbent bike and lying pedaling
  • Fit for people with wheel chair, office chair or dining chair
  • Bike height is micro adjustable from 27.5 to 124cm (crank centre)
  • Magnetic brake, double axle driving, 8-level tension adjustable big knob, computer angle is adjustable
  • With carry wheels
  • Set-up size: 93 x 68.5 x 153cm (H)
  • Pedal Arm Length:: 6.3" (16 cm)
  • LCD screen takes 1 AA battery (included)
  • Wheels on end of frame to enable moving the unit around.
  • Pedal Straps are adjustable
  • Individual use only. This item was not intended or designed for multiple-users.

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