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Stel'Air Magnetic Medical Exercise Pedaller With Wheels & Handle AH-628W

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Stel'Air Portable Medical Pedaller

Available With Wheels & Handle

The Same Stel'Air Medical Pedaller with all the quality features it is known for PLUS wheels and a telescopic handle.

The main pedaller is 23 lbs. This makes it heavy enough not to slide on the floor but light enough to move it where you need to. The feet have easy-clean rubber gripping feet to ensure it stays in place when you pedal as advised in the manual.

The pedalling motion is smooth. To increase the tension just turn the dial to the right. This will lightly and incrementally bring the strong magnets closer and closer to the flywheel causing more resistance. The dial is micro-gradient so you will be able to find the perfect tension setting just for you.

You can comfortably and quietly pedal away while watching your favourite TV shows. The pedals operate so quietly you won't even have to turn up the volume.

The Stel'Air Medical is used in hospitals, physiotherapy, rehabilitation, assisted living centres, at home, in the office, at schools, and many other applications.

It is so quiet you will be able to pedal while watching TV with your family. No one will be bothered by any noise.

Arm & Leg Exercise

The magnetic pedal resistance is great for overall total body exercise. Used for arms and legs and can pedal forward and in reverse.

Often the magnetic pedaler is prescribed by your surgeon, rehab therapist or attending physician if you have upcoming surgery. The pedaller is also used for post-operative conditioning as well. Please contact us for further information or a mail-out of the brochure to take into your attending.

Chronic Shoulder, Wrist, Forearm Issues

Check with your physician to see if your chronic medical shoulder / arm / wrist pain would benefit from the pedal motion of the Stel'Air Medical Pedaller.

Leg Edema

Pedalling motion on the medical trainer can increase blood circulation in the legs and help with such conditions as leg edema. Light pedalling through the day is easy with the Stel'Air Medical Pedaller.

Small enough to fit anyplace makes it the perfect exercise machine to have at home for overall fitness needs. Use it while reading, chatting on the phone, watching TV, or working at the desk.

Overall fitness can be assisted with light daily pedalling of the arms and legs. Take it with you when you travel.

Stable to Operate Medical Pedals

The front and rear legs will extend to ensure the mini pedals are stable for normal operation. If you find the bike isn't stable because you need to pedal from the sofa or EZ chair, there is an additional stabilizing leg that is recommended for this purpose.

The legs that come with the machine are 15" wide and are well-equipped with rubber feet for a good floor grip. This helps to keep the pedaller steady and in place while pedalling. Make sure you follow the directions in the manual to ensure you are pedalling in the proper manner for stability and optimum benefits.

The rubber feet are grooved with a non-slip material that helps to keep it in place.

Leg Pedal Exercising

The Stel'Air Medical Pedaller is one exercise bike you can use while you are doing daily tasks. Most people can quickly adapt to being able to pedal and type, knit, read, or many other things.

Setting a daily exercise goal can help. Because the timer will save the time and distance until you re-set it (or have completed the maximum number), try starting each day with a time or distance (or both) target. Intermittently set your timer to pedal for a little bit. In this case, truly, every little bit adds up.

You can make a colourful spreadsheet that will help to encourage daily pedalling activity.

The mini pedal exercisers are used all over the world from beginner fitness levels to advanced. These will help to maintain your fitness endeavours during the workday when you are too far from the gym. Adding more cardio on top of usually scheduled fitness can help to increase fitness levels and meet weight loss goals.

Small enough to pedal most anytime and most anyplace.

Arm Pedals

The pedals that are included with your purchase of the Stel'Air Medical Pedaller are fine for the arms and the legs. They are narrow enough with a slight groove to make it comfortable for the hands.

To use the Stel'Air Medical Pedaller for arms simply set it on top of a solid table or counter. It is smooth motion whether you pedal forward or backward.

It works well to improve upper body strength. The exercise targets shoulders, hands, forearms, back, and even the chest. If you are new to exercise or recovering from an injury you really should consult with your medical practitioner first. Start lightly and slow.

The medical pedalling activity is often prescribed for frozen shoulder and carpal tunnel. As your physician if it can help you.

Help to build strength or toning and tightening flabby arms. Burn calories that can burn off extra fat from the back and tone up chest muscles.

If you have shoulder issues or would prefer a more ergonomic positioning then the ergonomic hand pedals are highly recommended. Here is more information on them.

Stel'Air Magnetic Resistance

The resistance knob is calibrated to allow for gradient resistance settings. As you slowly move the dial it will apply more resistance. Because the Stel'Air Medical Pedaller is commonly used for medical uses like dialysis and injury rehabilitation, the increments are very gradual and light.

Setting the dial where you need it will depend on your rate of recovery and individual health needs.

The greater the resistance the more work your body will do. This will burn more calories and increase circulation.

  • It is lightweight weighing only 23 lbs and very compact footprint (15" x 15" x 16").
  • Fine tuning adjustable Magnetic Resistance - Up to 100 Watts Torque.
  • Sturdy Steel Frame.
  • Display Functions - Speed, Time, Calories, Distance and Scan.
  • Housing made of quality high-impact plastic.
  • Shipping weight 24 lbs.
  • Measurements minimum without display mounted 15" x 15" x 16" (l x w x h)
  • Measurement with legs extended and display mounted 27" x 15" x 18"(l x w x h).
  • Individual use only. This item was not intended or designed for multiple-users.


Stel'Air Magnetic Pedaler Accessories

The mini medical pedaller comes with several accessories to accommodate most adaptive needs. These optional features enhance the function and uses of the machine. All accessories are made to the same Stel'Air high quality standard.

Engineered magnetic resistance features allows for micro-incremental settings to suit most users. By rotating the dial forward (clockwise) the resistance is increased. To decrease the amount of resistance, dial the knob in the counterclockwise direction.

The tension is caused by the strong magnets being pulled closer and closer to the metal flywheel inside the pedaller.

The optional accessories for the Stel'Air Medical Pedaller have been designed to condition a healthy experience.

Ergonomic hand pedals for comfortable upper body arm exercise

The Ergo Hand Pedals are designed to put your hands at a more natural position while pedalling with your arms. This may be especially important if you have had shoulder surgery or suffer from shoulder or wrist pain. Check with your medical advisor to see if they recommend the Ergonomic Hand Pedals for you.

Wider Foot Pedals & Velcro Strap

The wider foot pedal may be more comfortable for some peoples feet. The velcro straps are adjustable and the foot surface comes with a non-slip coating.

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