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2021 Spring “Bundle Up” Sale Event

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Unique 2 piece aerobic weighted bar designed for more uses so you get more results.

Versatile with the ability to be used as one bar or two. Great for strength training, cardio, core development and for all types of functional training.

Take this travelling with you on the road, to the office, at the gym, or in your home.

Use for yoga, dumbbell exercise and barbell exercise. Excellent for individual or group exercise programs.

6lb Weighted Bar Set:  Each end weighting half so you also have full use of a set of 3lb smaller dumbbell styles.

The bars are wrapped in a thick, foam, padding and the full length of the weighted body bar is 100cm all adding up to comfortable performance.

Toss these into your desk drawer and add to your office exercise calorie burning activities. 

$69.99. INCLUDED » more info



The new Stel'Air Adjustable Weighted Vest is designed to adjust for beginner exercisers of most sizes. From small to XX-large. Because it is an open front vest with two adjustable straps the only size restriction is in the arm holes. A weighted vest is a wonderful addition to your exercise and walking routine that will quickly speed up the metabolism and makes a perfect weight loss and exercise tool.

Enhance your fitness, strength, metabolism, and endurance by wearing the Stel'Air Adjustable Weight Vest while doing all your usual workouts and chores. Imagine turning everyday household activities into a calorie burning workout just by putting on your new vest.

Included are 9 x 1.1 kilogram, soft weights filled with fine aggregate for comfort and versatility. Start gradually and add weight as you continue to meet your fitness and weight loss goals. If you are first starting out there is no need to pile on all 10kg at once. The soft weights can also be carried to add resistance to your walking routine.

The vest has nine individual pouches made for the nine individual 1.1kg weights. The weight vest material is a popular and durable oxford nylon cloth with a nylon lining.

Two adjustable body straps to secure the vest snugly to your body so it won't move around excessively while you workout, walk, or run.

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A new style of fitness ball with the exercise tubing attached to the sides.

Balance and exercise all at the same time
Tone your arms and legs with different types of exercises.

Use it to sit on while working at your desk

Use the resistance tubing to tone up your arms, back, abdominals, chest while sitting on it. Using your feet to anchor the ball you can work your legs as well as your upper body.   

$69.99. INCLUDED » more info

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