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5" Replacement Stel'Air Crank Arm XK-58H

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5 inch crank arms for the following magnetic pedallers:

YL-832 Stel'Air Magnetic Medical Exercise Pedaller  - For hospitals, rehabilitation units, dialysis, and home use.  Here is more information on the Stel'Air Magnetic Medical Exercise Pedaller

JL-278 - Adult Desk Bike for Office - Standard size desk bike used in office and home.  Here is more information on the Stel'Air Office Desk Bike.

JL-824 - Student Desk Bike for Middle and High School - Folding upright desk bike used in the classroom or home.  Here is more information on the Stel'Air Desk Bikes for schools.

JL-824JR - Student Desk Bike for Elementary School - Smaller folding upright desk bike for the school.  Classrooms for smaller children in elementary school.  Here is more information for the Junior size desk bike for smaller children.

In some cases your physician or rehabilitation specialist will suggest you have a smaller ROM. In this case you can order a set of 3.5" crank replacement arms found on this page.  To remove the standard set of crank arms (5") you will need a special "crank puller" tool. You can also have the work performed by your local bicycle shop.

If these are needed as replacements because the original crank arms were stripped, this can be avoided next time if the pedals are installed correctly. Ensure the directions to install the pedals are followed carefully.



1.  Pedals have to be correctly lined up or else they can cross thread. If you try and tighten a pedal while it is cross-threaded the threads of the crank arm will strip. If continued force is applied the pedal threads could strip as well.

2.  The pedals are uniquely made where there is one RIGHT pedal and one LEFT pedal. They cannot be interchanged. The RIGHT pedal must be installed on the right crank arm. It is screwed in clockwise. The LEFT pedal is installed on the left crank arm and it screws in by screwing to the left (counter-clockwise). Be certain these are screwed TIGHT.



The Stel'Air Magnetic Mini Exercise Bike doesn't need maintenance but it should be inspected from time to time to ensure the pedals are still tight and keep the mini pedaller clean.

If the pedals have come loose, add some Blue Loctite or Blue Threadlocker to the threads and re-tighten.



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