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Evolution Ball Chair for Office

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A stability ball is beneficial to keep you "actively sitting" because your body is constantly moving to try and maintain alignment. This helps to tone and build core muscles even when you are working at your usual tasks.

The core muscles are abdominals, and back muscles all which you need to balance. These micro-movements also burn calories. Another benefit to these movements is the enhances circulation of your blood which will help you stay more alert as well as improved energy.


By reducing the spinal compression common with a normal chair and building the muscles in the back and abs you will feel the benefits.

Check out the cool accessories:

The colourful and contemporary EVO caster non-marking polyolefin wheels provide incomparable dampened gliding on all floor surfaces.

The covering cozy is made of a soft stretch ChitoSante fabric that fits snugly providing a plush softness particularly suited for shorts or skirts.