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Display Stand for Medical Pedaller & DeskCycle LS-976

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This is already included with your DeskCycle2.
  • Place your display on your desktop or table top.
  • Great accessory for those who exercise at their desk.
  • Includes 10-foot extension cable and a sturdy steel stand.
  • Display stand works with the Medical Pedaller and DeskCycle.

Designed for those who exercise at their desk. Enables you to move the display from the bike to the top of your desk.

Includes the sturdy metal stand and a 10 foot extension cable. On the DeskCycle, the connector is on the bottom of the bike. On the other bikes it is on the side of the bike that faces away from you near the bottom of the case.

Monitor your DeskCycle work­outs more easily with this handy LCD display stand and 10-foot extension cord.

Just remove your DeskCycle’s LCD display, connect it to the main unit with the cord, and set it on the stand on your desk.



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