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FitDesk Semi-Recumbent Exercise Bike Desk

The FitDesk has a few more accessories than some other desk bikes available on the market. The seat and back rest are adjustable for different riders to allow for comfort.

When pedalling comfort is important to avoid injury as well as providing motivation to sit and pedal while working. The desk top is wide enough for normal laptop uses and has optional extenders if the user prefers a wider desk.

Pedalling will help to increase oxygen in the blood and increase the flow of blood to the brain and extremities. This is what is useful to keep alert and productive at work. It is possible that the additional calories burned could contribute to weight loss.

The unique massage bar is a great resting spot for the wristband can be used to massage the forearm.

Because it is lightweight it is easy to move around so it won’t be in the way while not in use. It also has wheels on the back leg so it can be tipped up and rolled to another office for the next coworker to use if taking turns.

Use for a moderate exercise if you feel like working up a sweat or just easy resistance for adding movement to your day.

Set up slightly different than a road bike the pedals are slightly in front. This with the backrest gives the FitDesk a semi-recumbent classification.

Stay alert easier and improved health benefits can make working more productive. Pedalling through the workday can also be a good outlet for letting off some steam while toning the arms and legs.

Lightweight with wheels

Allows for simple transportation and moving about.

Magnetic Tension Control

8 tension adjustments from light to moderate for a wider range of workout options.

Frame can be folded

Simple feature to tuck the FitDesk securely away when not using it.

Resistance Bands

Neat little option to be able to exercise your arms when you want to take a little break.

Digital Display Monitor

This will show you how fast, far, long, and calories burned.


Max user weight: 300lbs (136kg)

Recommended user height: 4' 10" - 6' 5" (147cm - 199cm)

Recommended age: over 13

Product weight: 47lbs

Floorspace needed: W16" x L26" x H45"

Desk surface size: 16" x 19"

FitDesk optional items are the resistance bands, a seat adaptor for taller users, and an extended desk adapters.

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