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High School Performance Package Bundle Offer

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This is the very popular combination of our three top sellers used by fidgety kids in the classroom and homeschooling.

- Stel’Air Bike Desk for Middle School JL-824 (Reg. $699.99)
- The Stel'Air Sensory Seat Cushion Y4-863 (Reg. $47.27)
- The Stel’Air Under Desk Leg Swing VU-328-51 (Reg. $149.99)

Stel’Air Bike Desk for High School JL-824 made specifically for classroom use.  The Folding Desk Bike is another great way to fit needed movement in the classroom environment.

Compact, lightweight, and can fold up out of the way when not in use. The perfect solution for students who need to move about while working, reading, studying, watching television, and gaming.

The cushioned seat helps to provide comfort while in the bicycle saddle.

The height adjustable seat allows for a range of settings for a comfortable height for most students from 150cm ( 4'10" ) to 188cm (6'2").

The Student Desk Bike can also be used with and without the desk. [more info here...]

The Stel'Air Sensory Seat Cushion Y4-863 is a wobble seat cushion can be used on any students chair. 

Kids LOVE this wobble cushion. It can be used on the regular desk chairs and lets the kids wiggle away without interrupting the class or Zoom. When kids fidget on the disk it provides a sensory input that helps to calm and focus.

If your high schooler has difficulty sitting still for meals, try this as a sit disk at the dinner table and see the difference. [more info here...]

The Stel’Air Under Desk Leg Swing VU-328-51 are excellent for group and individual use.

The swings have no resistance so the children are free to fidget each leg independently. Forward, back, side to side and in circles. Each swing can go in a 360 deg. circle.

The kids can comfortably rest their feed on the swings while seated. When they need to fidget they can quietly. Because the feet are slightly elevated off the floor there are no scuffing sounds usually associated with fidgety feet. [more info here...]

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