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LED Fidget Spinner VY-578

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Stress and Fidget Spinners

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Smooth metal bearing for long spin times up to 3 minutes.
The batteries can be easily replaced. 3 x 1.5V CR1220 Battery
LED colors red, blue, and green
Finger spinners help to improve focus and reduce stress.
Material of main spinner is an ABS injection mold
approximate size: 2.5 x 3 x .5 inch

Small and light enough to carry around in pocket for handy access. The metal bearing provides fast, consistent, and smooth spinning for up to 3 minutes.
Turn out the lights for an awesome display of flashing lights.
For flashing light settings can be used in unison or separate.

The LED spinners have been said to help relieve stress and anxiety, promoting health. Some have reported improved mental health, helping to quit smoking.

How to use your Stel'Air LED Spinner (Video Below):

Hold the spinner by the center bearing between the thumb and forefinger. use the pinky of same hand or other hand to rapidly spin. You can spin it in either direction and let it slow on it's own or continue to spin.

The LED flashing lights will create hours of fun and activity. This can help to improve concentration and reduce anxiety. If spin is started on a smooth flat surface you can get up to 3 minutes of uninterrupted spinning. Dim the lights and watch the effect of lights in circles.

Alter the speed of each section individually or together. There are 4 settings of flashing pulse. These are Off, Continuous, Blinking, and Chasing.

Spins almost silently.

⚠️ *WARNING*  CHOKING HAZARD - Fidgety Spinner has small LED removable pieces with tiny batteries inside. This is NOT intended for children under 3 years old OR for any individuals who have a tendency to place inedible objects in their mouths.

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