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Stamina 15-0176 InStride Total Body Cycle

Stamina 15-0176 InStride Total Body Cycle

  • $89.97


This is a stand-alone piece of equipment that does not need to be propped on your desk. From your seat you can pedal your feet for a cardio and a workout for your legs. Then just switch the pedals around to work your arms by operating the pedals with your hands.

Well made with a steel frame and weighs only 10lbs. so it's still portable, lightweight, and simplistic in its design. Stores away easily too.

Tension knob to adjust the resistance for both legs and arms.

The handles are used for gripping when pedalling with your legs to keep your body in good posture as well as provide added stability to the machine.

The pedals are made of a non-slip material and have straps to secure your feet into place.

  • Full range of motion upper and lower body workouts.
  • Handlebar keeps you balanced and in proper body position.
  • Adjustable tension to vary your workout intensity.
  • Straps hold feet in place on pedals.
  • Non-slip footcaps.