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Toddler Leg Swing for Pre-School VU-328-T

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The Toddler leg swings are excellent for group and individual use.

The swings have no resistance so the children are free to fidget each leg independently. Forward, back, side to side and in circles. Each swing can go in a 360 deg. circle.

The kids can comfortably rest their feed on the swings while seated. When they need to fidget they can quietly. Because the feet are slightly elevated off the floor there are no scuffing sounds usually associated with fidgety feet.

When you use the Stel'Air Toddler Leg Swings VU-328-T in a reading group the children can pay more attention to the lessons and less to their discomfort from sitting.

If a child usually disrupts the class or has difficulty sitting still by scuffing their feet or kicking table legs, try the Toddle Leg Swing. Simply place the pedals under their desk.

The Swing frame is 16" in height when set up. This size will suit toddlers to smaller children in Middle School.

For a comparison in children Leg Swing sizes visit this link here.

Easy Storage:

The Toddler Leg Swings VU-328-T can fold away flat for easy storage. They are made of quality grade steel tubing with rigid plastic pedals. The pedals are designed to be non-slip and durable.

When children's feet are free to move they not only leave the child free to focus, but also stimulates the blood flow. This increased blood flow helps with alertness and improves attentiveness.

**Do Not Stand on equipment. Individual use only. This item was not intended or designed for multi-users.

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